Do You Know Where These Grey’s Anatomy Stars Are Now?

Grey’s Anatomy is by far one of the longest-running and most enjoyed medical drama on television at the moment. With twists and turns that will keep you guessing in every episode, the scriptwriters have done an excellent job of keeping audiences enthralled for the last 15 years.

Over time, there have been many beloved characters who have made dramatic exits from the show with only Ellen Pompeo (Dr Meredith Grey), Chandra Wilson (Dr Miranda Bailey) and James Pickens Jr (Dr Richard Webber) remaining from the original cast. (However, it was rumoured that Richard was going to be leaving the show but, because the production of season 17 needed to be cut short owing to Covid-19, he is still at Grey Sloan Memorial.)

So, what happened to our beloved doctors when they left the show?


By far the most talked-about romance in the hospital corridors was between Meredith and Derek (a.k.a McDreamy). In the first couple of seasons, there was a bit of to-ing and fro-ing between this couple as Derek’s wife, Addison (played by Kate Walsh), arrived from New York to try and give their marriage another go. Derek and Addison’s marriage didn’t last. Meredith and Derek ended up getting married, adopting one child and having two more (although, at the time of Derek’s death, Meredith didn’t know that she was pregnant.)

Since leaving Grey’s, Patrick Dempsy – who played Derek – starred in a number of feature films, such as Bridget Jones’ Baby and was part of a miniseries. At the beginning of 2020, he signed on to play the lead role in CBS’s Ways and Means.


Following on in the ‘Mc’ tradition, plastic surgeon Mark Sloan – who was played by Eric Dane – arrived during season 2. As quite the lady’s man, he made his way through many of the ladies at Grey Sloan Memorial which was originally called Seattle Grace.

He fell in love with Meredith’s younger sister, Lexie (who was played by Chyler Leigh). However, it wasn’t all smooth sailing for these two love birds who had an on-again-off-again romance. They met an untimely end in a horrific plane crash after they had decided to be together, no matter what challenges were in their way.

After leaving the show, Dane starred in the series, The Last Ship, for five seasons. He had a number of movie roles. Leigh also remained in the television industry and headlines the Supergirl series, a role which she still had today.

There are so many of them who’ve left the show over the years – Izzy Stevens, Alex Karev (being the most recent), George O’Malley, Arizona Robbins, Preston Burke, Christina Yang and Callie Torres being the other ones that come to mind. There will probably be more who leave at the series progresses (and we really want it to!) but one thing that we can be very sure of is that the doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial will keep us on the edge of our seats!

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