The History Of The Internet

History Of The Internet

The History Of The Internet

Internet has become such a staple in our day to day life, that we forget how new and astounding it actually is. Before computers, people had to calculate things…with their brains, imagine! But then came the invention of the computer in the 1950’s (yes the ones that filed rooms) and so the horizon expanded.

The wide area networking concept originated in the 1960’s with the US dept of Defence loving the possibility of super spy stuff and awarding contracts to get it established. While various types of networking were worked on in the 60sand 70s, the first message ever sent was over ARPANET in 1969.

With the establishment of supercomputing centres in the 1980s at various universities, the “modern” internet was born. By the late 1980s commercial ISPs emerged, and the public engaged. The World Wide Web emerged in the 180s as well, linking hypertext documents available from anywhere on the network.

In 1993 the internet handled 1% of information, by 2000 it was 51% and by 2007 it handled more than 97% of the world’s information.

So when you log on to online casinos in New Zealand, just consider the amazing and fast advances computers have made since the first arrived and wasted office space.

Weird internet facts to keep in mind for the next quiz:

– Augusta Ada King-Noel, Countess of Lovelace was mathematician and writer was the first person to publish an algorithm…in 1843!

– The internet only weighs 50grams, with some very high level calculations physicist Russel Seitz calculated probable moving amount of moving electrons that is the internet and come to the very small sum of 50grams seems legit.

– With 7 billion people on Earth, roughly 23.2 billion use the Internet, with the majority of these internet users (1.7 billion) living in Asia. 78% of Americans use the internet (the other 22% is probably your Gran)

–  The late Ray Tomlinson sent himself the first email 1971; he never could remember what it said!

– Gmail was originally Garfield mail – Google spent some money buying this domain – from Garfield!!

– Internet shopping was illegal until 1992, then the US congress legalised commercial interests online and then I spent my grocery money on stickers from Amazon #thanksUSCongress

– 1 in 6 marriages are between couples who have met online (I would bet it is more but some couples have Tinder shame) Recent stats show that online dating generates over $1billion dollars annually, make that cash money!

– Over 30000 websites are hacked every day, with cybercriminals using software programs to detect weak sites that the can hack easily

– 204 million emails are sent everyday via the internet, 70% is spam

– The term surfing the web was coined by a New York librarian named was Jean Armour Polly in 1992.

– The internet and the World Wide Web is the same thing, right? Wrong, the internet is a network of computers and the World Wide Web is a bridge for sharing and accessing the information

– The surface web (Google/Bing) is used by the general public, the Deep web holds 90% of information available (government resources, scientific reports, academic information etc) and the Dark web , this has the really creepy illegal stuff (drug trafficking etc) cannot be accessed by Joe public and needs special browsers to ensure anonymity.

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