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Test Your Knowledge on Current News and World Politics

Are you always on your smartphone or tablet, checking the news sites you have bookmarked for the latest headlines? Are you notified of alerts concerning news and political happenings so that they get sent straight to your inbox as they occur?

Or do you have some trouble naming the Prime Minister of Great Britain? What does the online gambling landscape in Australia look like this year? Would you struggle to find Kathmandu on a world map, let alone describe its system of government?

Whether you are someone who likes to keep their finger on the pulse of what is happening in terms of global news and politics, or have to keep being reminded to stop walking around with your head in the clouds, the quizzes we have here will see you right!

You can spend some quality time with your mates while you catch up on news and important political happenings, and, thanks to the fact that quizzes have been proven to be better for students and adults both in terms of retaining information, you won’t forget everything you’ve learned the minute you stop playing, either!

Quiz My Mates provides a combination of competition, fun, and education that will see you getting more interested, and more involved with current events. You may well find that you start taking more interest in the headlines than you did before, or that you are now reading the information you have been receiving all along with a more critical eye.