Wacky Political Facts

Political Facts

Politicians are often the subjects of scandal, and governments have made some controversial decisions that have rocked the world. Combine these 2 and you have a recipe for a world of wacky facts and crazy trivia that in some cases seems almost unbelievable. But trust us, its all true!

The 6 Day War

The 6 Day War was caused by entirely false information. In 1967 Egypt was provided with false intel that advised them that Israel was gathering their troops at the Syrian border.  In response, they mobilised their forces and Israel retaliated, and thus the 6 Day War began.

A Lost Declaration

Fiji was declared independent from the UK in the 1970’s, but they lost their own copy of the Declaration Of Independence and had to ask the UK to supply them with a copy.

An Accidental Bombing

On the 7th May 1999 The USA bombed a Chinese Embassy. But they later claimed the bomb was a mistake and not intentional at all. The incident is still brought up in meetings, and no real conclusion to the matter has ever been made public.

Trumps Wife Trumps All

Much has been said about Slovenian-born Melania Trump in recent years and the fact that she is actually an immigrant. However it turns out that Melania was awarded a genius visa while dating Donald, and that’s how she managed to stay in the USA!

Chicago’s Politicians

You may heard of Chicago being referred to as “The Windy City” but this isn’t because it’s a windy place. It is in fact a reference to the fact that in the 19th Century the local politicians seemed to be “full of hot air” and were known as real windbags!

A Vicious Cycle

Polybius, the Ancient Greek historian came up with a theory about governments and their cycles.  Called the anacyclosis, it saw governments begin as monarchies, and finally end up as an ochlocracy before mob rule and chaos reigns and the entre cycle starts again.

Aussies and Eggs

Former penal colony Australia has a long history of throwing eggs at its politicians. Which, to be honest, sounds like a lot of fun, much like playing at an online casino Malaysia.  In 1917 the Australian Federal Police was formed specifically to deal with this issue after the Prime Minister was egged and the government had had enough of the practice.

A Depressed PM

Depression has always had something of a stigma attached and in 1972 the Democratic Vide presidential candidate in the USA had to stand down as it was revealed that he had been treated for chronic depression, and this caused uproar in the ranks as he was bringing scandal on the party.

Astronauts Votes Count

Just because they are not on earth at the time of voting, it doesn’t mean that astronauts need miss out on casting their ballot. When they vote in space they simply list their address as ‘low earth orbit’. Their votes are still counted just the same as any one else’s not in their home country at the time of voting, and they are afforded the same privacy too!

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