5 Superbly Strange Unexplained Objects

There have been hundreds of strange unexplained objects found across the world that have baffled even the best experts. Here are a few of the weirdest unexplained objects that archaeologists have uncovered to date…

#10: The King List – Sumer

The King List is an account of kingships written in ancient Sumerian. Over 18 non-identical fragments of these cuneiform stone tablets have been found. The most comprehensive one is the Weld-Blundell Prism. Researchers originally thought that the lists were simply historical documents, but some of the kings seem to be partially or entirely mythological. One theory is that these documents were used as tools to cement political and religious hegemony between cities, allowing rulers to unite them into a single civilisation.

#9: The Rongorongo Writing

A Catholic missionary on Easter Island first recorded 24 strange wooden carvings in 1864. The writing on the carvings seemed to have been a form of proto-writing, although nobody has been able to decipher it. If they ever are decoded, the carvings will represent one of just 3 times in human history when writing was developed independently. Scholars believe the carvings might tell us more about why the early Easter Island civilisation collapsed.

#8: The Codex Gigas

The Codex Gigas or Devil’s Bible is a massive 13th century tome made out of over 160 animal skins. It takes 2 adults to lift the book, which is currently at the National Library in Sweden. According to legend, the book was written by a monk who made a pact with the devil after being sentenced to death. With the devil’s assistance, the monk allegedly wrote the book in one night. It contains numerous strange books, bibles, medical works, exorcism guides, magical formulas, and even an illustration of heaven. Practically the only thing it doesn’t contain is references to betting sites!

#7: Gobekli Tepe – Turkey

Located in Southeast Turkey, Gobekli Tepe is a ruined temple which may be one of the oldest known to man. It seems to date back to 9,500 BC – around 5,000 years before Stonehenge was built. The temple is comprised of intricately carved boulders, but nobody knows how they were moved. Its discoverer believed that Gobekli Tepe was a site used for rituals by the nomadic people of the time.

#6: Roman Dodecahedrons

Across the regions that were once controlled by the Roman Empire, around 100 small dodecahedron-shaped objects have been found. Each one is made of hollow bronze or stone, boasting 12 flat pentagonal faces. A definitive explanation of these objects was never found in Roman writings, although Plutarch believed that they were used for zodiac work or astronomical measurement.

#5: Fulachtai Fia

Fulachtai Fia are strange objects found in the marches and waterways of Ireland. Dating back 6,000 years to the Middle Bronze Age, they are horseshoe shaped mounds of stone and soil surrounding a large depression in the ground. A trough in the centre of each fills itself with spring water at certain times. It is believed that they could have been used by hunting expeditions or beer brewers, but no conclusive answers have been found yet…

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