Top 9 Ancient Civilizations


Our records of the earliest human settlements are pretty catchy. Even with modern archaeological techniques we can only trace back ruins to as early as around 10 000 BC.

When looking at anthropological data it becomes more and more apparent that we need to revaluate our opinions on primitive man as we see more and more that they were much more intelligent, forward thinking and advanced than we give them credit for. With that in mind let’s check out the top ten oldest human settlements.

The Olmecs 1500 – 400 BC

One of the earliest and greatest Meso American civilizations, the Olmecs dominated the coastal plains of Mexico more than 3000 years ago.

All that we can tell about them is from the figures and statues they left behind, as master stone craftsmen. It is believed that environment changes including a massive drought led this civilisation to its downfall. Many think that playing casinos games like online blackjack games might have saved them this fate.

Tiwanaku 1500-1200 BC

Not just one of the sites that housed one of the oldest civilizations that predate the Incas, Tiwanaku is also the source of a whole host of conspiracy theories of aliens visiting early in human prehistory.

China 1700 BC

One of the world most powerful nations is also one of the oldest.  Many would consider the start of modern china as the start of the Qin Dynasty in 221 BC.

From here the nation built the great wall, provided immeasurably to science, technology and medicine, survived multiple revolutions and today is home for 1.4 billion people.

Minoa 3500 -1100 BC

The Greek Island of Minos built up a legendary reputation amongst roman and Greek historians. The city was known for having paved streets, sewerage systems, immense palaces and lively culture.

The city mysteriously vanished in a short span of time and is believed to be the inspiration for the story of Atlantis.

Ancient Egypt 3150 – 332 BC

To put the age of the Egyptians into context, their civilization was as ancient to the Greeks as the Greeks re to us.

The oasis of the Nile delta drew thousands to its fertile banks and made the Egyptians one of the longest reigning and mightiest civilizations of the ancient world.

Mesopotamia 5300-539 BC

The Sumerian and the Acadians all came from modern day Iraq in what was once known as Mesopotamia.

Inventing the wheel along with prototype writing called Cuneiform, the Mesopotamians influences can still be felt today.

Mehrgarh 7000-2600BC

Located in Pakistan at the foot of the Hindu Kush Mountains, the site of Mehrgarh was home to a civilisation that pre dates the Indus Valley civilizations and stretches back to more than 9000 years ago.

Catalhoyuk 7500 to 5600 BC

This Turkish settlement dates back around 9000 years ago when humans first started living together in agricultural societies.

It is unclear what happened to this civilization but amazing that we can still find the foundational walls of this city.

Gobekli Tepe 10 000 to 8000 BC

This 12000 year old village located on the Germus Mountains marks the spot of the earliest recorded civilization. As With Catalhoyuk and Mehrgarh, we may never knew what happened to these people. Their remains show an advanced civilisation and perhaps the world earliest human temple.

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