Strange Sports That Seem Fake – But Aren’t

Without a doubt, sport has played a critical role in society. It has been built on years of tradition and changed to meet culture differences. For centuries people have united over sport, and this will not likely change in the future.

Having said this, there are the more common cricket, football, and rugby varieties of it all, but what many people do not know is that some countries have their own unique sports that have become part of their country’s traditions.

Strange-but-true sports around the world

1. England: Ferret-legging

As far as weirdness goes, this one takes the cake. This game tests endurance by stuffing a ferret down our pants, blocking off the ends to that it cannot escape. Whoever keeps the ferret in their pants the longest is the winner.

2. Finland: Wife Carrying

As the name implies, this sport involves a husband-and-wife team. Together, they will take on an obstacle. Seems simple enough. Well, in this game the husband needs to carry his wife while conquering the obstacles. The winner of the obstacle course is rumoured to receive his wife’s weight in beer as a prize.

3. Switzerland: Hornussen

If you have a puck and shindels lying around, you can give this game a try. All you need to do is launch the puck with a whip while the opposing team tries to knock it down with sticks and placards.

4. Malaysia: Sepak Takraw

This game is a hybrid of volleyball and kickball. Players need to pass the ball over a net – without using their hands. The ball is not allowed to touch the ground. Thailand and Malaysian monarchies have made this an official sport.

5. Afghanistan: Buzkashi

This game is quite controversial. The name means goat bashing and the game is quite simple, drag a goat carcass to a goal. Players need to try and get the goat to goal without dismounting players or whipping them.

6. Spain: Bossaball

This sport is quite the match up. It is a combination of volleyball, soccer, gymnastics, and Brazilian capoeira. It is played on a court with two trampolines, an inflated surface, and a net to separate it all. The ball needs to be served and make it over the net in less than 5 touches.

7. Japan: Yukigassen

This is essentially a massive snowball fight. Two teams compete in a battle to see who lasts the longest. Players are hit with snowballs and the last man standing wins. Snowballs are made beforehand and safety precautions are in place while playing.

Not All Sport Is Serious

Like playing at an online casino India has to offer, sport is about having fun, sometimes in outlandish ways that do not make sense to the rest of the world. It is an opportunity to connect with people and makes for an interesting story. The next time you are travelling, why not find out if your destination has a unique sport.

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