Have a Look at the Crazy Facts about Fashion

The fashion world is a crazy one, but do you know just how crazy? Check out these fun facts and then quiz your mates to see what they knew, and what you can surprise them with!

  1. The most popular clothing item is the T-shirt, and over 2 billion T-shirts are sold annually around the world.
  2. Purple is the colour of aristocracy and for years only emperors, magistrates and other members of the upper echelons of society wore it.
  3. The loincloth is the worlds oldest garment, but the skirt is the second oldest. While loincloths may not be around much now, the skirt is very much a fashion staple.
  4. The 1st ever fashion magazine was sold in 1586 in Germany.
  5. In the USA every person owns on average 7 pairs of blue jeans, with Levi being the most popular brand.
  6. Women were only permitted to wear shorts after the 2nd World War. They were only allowed to do so as there was less fabric available, so shorts became a more cost effective option to a skirt or full pants.
  7. Clothing is one of the few items globally that has actually become cheaper in recent years, rather than more expensive.
  8. In 1907 a woman was arrested for indecency. She was wearing a one-piece swimsuit.
  9. Mark Twain, the author of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer also invented the bra clasp.
  10. The world’s longest wedding train was 1.85 miles long.
  11. Ralph Lifshitz is Ralph Laurens real name.
  12. Ford made the little black dress even more popular than ever as it was compared to the Ford in 1962- both were classic, simple and practical, and everyone wanted one!
  13. Until the beginning of the 19th Century mannequins were used to showcase new designs. Only after the start of the 19th C, catwalk shows started making an appearance like some slots are shown up at this site.
  14. During the Middle Ages the poor wore mittens, and the rich wore gloves.
  15. The very first pair of Dr Martens was made using old tyres.
  16. The first cover of Vogue under the guidance of Anna Wintour was so different to anything seen before that the editors thought she had made a huge mistake.
  17. Queen Victoria was the very first person to don a white wedding dress. Previously the colour white had been reserved for mourning, and red was a popular choice for brides.
  18. The fashion world makes annual revenue of over $20 billion.
  19. Vintage fashion is technically only vintage if it is more than 60, but less than 100 years old.
  20. Ancient Romans built the very first shopping centre, in today’s times it would be compared to a strip mall in layout.
  21. Marc Jacobs may be the epitome of good taste, but he has a SpongeBob Squarepants tattoo.
  22. Napoleon invented buttons. The General got tired of watching his soldiers wiping their noses on their sleeves, so designed buttons to stop them.

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