Golf Lies You Shouldn’t Believe

Amateur or pro, you are found to have heard some crazy golf myths – mostly from people who have no experience in the sport. From our side of things, we have heard one too many crazy tales of what golfing is, and it’s time to share our knowledge with the world.

Not only will this save a ton of frustration, but it will also boost your golfing knowledge. The first ne that will have golfers losing their minds is that golf is not a sport. Of course, this is a lie and anyone that chooses to believe otherwise should spend a day on the course.

You Should Move Your Feet

Many people think that you should not move your feet, and while this does make sense, you need to shift your weight which requires movement. Without this movement, your swing wouldn’t be nearly as impressive. Have you ever watched the PGA? Spoiler alert, they move their feet.

Different Balls for Different Weather

While there are a lot of different balls available on the market, they have not been designed to accommodate different weather conditions. Temperature changes will not impact the ball’s performance.

You Need to be Good from The Start

Mastering any sport takes time, and while some people may have a natural ability to perform, practice is still the key to success. With time, you may indeed become the best. Anther factor that people tend to associate with performance is the equipment – and this is two-fold.

Some say that equipment doesn’t matter, but it does and by sing the right set, your game will improve quite a bit. In the same breath, buying an expensive set of clubs will not make you automatically good either. You still need to work on your craft.

Speaking of Clubs…

If you are looking for distance, you need to use your irons as the loft will determine the difference. When it comes t your woods, low lofts will not help you go the distance.

You also need to ensure that you choose the correct set, which means that opting for a custom fitting can help you in so many different ways. This will help you find the correct fit, simply buying a set for the sake of it will not really help your game.

Something worth noting is that you don’t need to stick to a single brand, just like when you play real money pokies in New Zealand. Check out all your options as you progress to find the ones you like the best. When you are first learning, you need to figure out what works for you so try to get experience with different brands and their clubs to find the perfect fit.

Feel Like a Golf Pro Yet?

We hope that these little nuggets of information have opened your mind to the world of golf, and even if you don’t play the game, we hope that these facts will come in handy for your next quiz night.

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