The Oldest Buildings Ever Found

Oldest Buildings

Ancient history is endlessly fascinating. Finding old buildings, relics, and texts paints a picture of how our ancestors once lived, and how vibrant their lifestyles really were. Buildings are especially important to understanding history; they provide a glimpse into the household and religious practices of ancient times.

For those that have an interest in prehistory and want to know more about how human being once lived thousands of years ago, these are some of the very oldest buildings ever discovered.

Knap of Howar

Found in the country of Scotland, this is a farmstead that dates back to the Neolithic times, and is considered by most historians to be the oldest stone house in Europe, believed to be up to 3700 years old.

It’s made up of two, rectangular buildings, both of which were build facing the sea. While one building was used as a living space for the family that owned the farm, the other was mainly a storage space and workshop, likely where they stored most of their farming equipment.

Temples of Malta

Malta is known as a true bastion of ancient temples and structures, with some of the very oldest having been found in the area. Archaeologists believe that many of them are some of the oldest on the planet, with some dating back between 6000 and 7000 years ago.

Currently, the temples, which include Tarxien, Safliene, and Ggantija, are being managed by the Heritage of Malta. They can be found in various areas around the region, and mostly retain the same shape and were once presumably used for the same purpose.

The Pyramid of Djoser

While we tend to think of the Pyramids of Giza when we’re talking about the Ancient Egyptians and their incredible structures, it’s actually the Pyramid of Djoser that’s regarded as among one of the very oldest that they constructed.

Made at some point between 2667 and 2648 BC, it’s the resting site of Djoser, who was the second kind of the 3rd Dynasty, reigning during the height of the Egyptian Old Kingdom. Located in the Saggara region of Egypt, the pyramid is surrounded by a Tura limestone wall over 10 metres in height, which is itself surrounded by a trench dug deep into the ground.

The Cairn of Barnenez

The Cairn of Barnenez is another Neolithic structure, which can be found in the Brittany area of France. Many regard it as among the oldest megalithic monuments in the entire European region. It’s believed to have been built in two, distinct phases, with the first being made almost 6000 years ago, and the second a few centuries later, long before our age of televisions and online betting.

Made of around 14000 tons of stone, the monument is packed with chambers and tunnels that can be accessed from different points throughout. While originally all of the chambers had been closed off within the mount, quarrying led to some of being exposed to the outside world, allowing archaeologists a chance to gain an insight into the inner workings of the ancient chambers.

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