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Quizzing Your Mates on History

If you’re a history buff, you’re a great asset to any pub quiz. You might also be able to stump your friends, and show off your superior knowledge. Get some of your favourite people together to practice and prepare for the next local pub quiz night, or to play amongst yourselves.

Save hundreds or even thousands on employing a quiz master to run your event, and customise it to your history-loving audience! Any history topic provides plenty of fascinating fodder, but if you’re stumped on where to begin there are some great topic ideas listed here.

British History

From the 6 wives of Henry VIII to the incredible efforts of the Suffragettes, British History is full of incredible women. There are plenty of interesting men too, of course!

The Origins of Words and Phrases

Where does the phrase “to throw the baby out with the bathwater” come from, we hear you ask? From when there were no baths in most homes, and tubs were brought around for everyone in the house to wash in, that’s where. As the youngest household members babies would customarily go last, and the water would be so dirty by this time that it was not hard to imagine accidentally throwing the baby out if you were in too much of a rush. The saying is still used as a precaution against acting rashly. Knowing where phrases and words come from is fascinating, and will set you apart from the rest of the quiz pack.

Ancient History

Did the Ancient Egyptians mummify all their dead? What is Stone Henge thought to have been used for? Brush up on these areas to make any pub quiz losses in your past Ancient History in your own time!